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Did you ever have a disappointing concert experience where you could barely see the figure on stage? Does the zoom-in function in your phone camera left you with some poor-quality pictures? Thinking of joining a local bird-watching group? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then we have something just for you – Starscope Monocular! And even if none of those situations applied to you, it’s a device still worth getting, for its ways of use are endless.

From Bear Grylls followers to couch potatoes, from single adults to large households – Starscope Monocular will be handy for anyone, no matter their age or lifestyle. You can use it to take HD close-ups with your phone, observe nature, zoom-in on your favorite singer on stage or just let the kids play with it. And best of all, combined with your smartphone it will turn into a high-end camera. So there is really no wrong way to use this monocular!

What makes Starscope Monocular so special?

Monoculars have been around for a long time, but Starscope managed to take an old concept and give it a modern spin. This Monocular is something every contemporary person needs. It works great on its own, as a high-quality, exquisitely made monocular telescope, but it also allows you to attach your phone or tripod to it, so now you can also take crystal clear close-ups of any faraway spot, turning your smartphone into a high-end professional camera. For nature enthusiasts, there’s a durable frame and HD lens, made to survive scratching, rain, wind, and fog, while still working great. Its light and compact design allow you to take it anywhere with you, from leisurely holidays abroad to harsh, off-the-grid places. You can take it to entertainment events, or just spend quality time with your children and teach them about nature – Starscope Monocular is every household’s must-have.

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