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Take an award-worthy nature shot – with Starscope Monocular you can capture things you never could up close!

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What is one thing that expert hunters, bird watchers, and professional nature photographers have in common? They can spot their target from afar. Animals can sense human presence and that is why you may not have much luck spotting a herd of wild deer, a pack of wolves, or a rare bird. Those who do spot wild animals often have either expensive camera lenses or various telescopic devices. You’ve probably seen pictures of award-winning nature photographers, camouflaging themselves, armed with the longest camera lens you can imagine. This is their secret for capturing that perfect shot. But you don’t have to go that far – the solution for joining their ranks is much simpler and far more affordable. With Starscope Monocular you can take equally breathtaking shots, or just explore the seemingly hidden secrets of the wildlife without putting in much effort.


You are probably familiar with the concept of monoculars. They are basically a modern-day version of a spyglass and are used by everyone, from hunters and soldiers to bird watchers. But what sets Starscope Monocular apart is that it also doubles as an excellent quality camera lens – for only a portion of a price you would pay for professional ones. And what’s even better, is that you can use it with your smartphone! Just snap a picture, and it’s already on your phone, ready to be shared with everyone.


Most modern smartphones have excellent camera quality, but they lack regular camera’s ability to maintain picture or video quality while significantly zoomed-in on an object. Starscope Monocular eliminates that issue. Now you can film or take pictures of things that are far in the distance as if you were nearby. It won’t blur the image or warp it in a way some cheaper monoculars would. With this device, nothing can stand between you and your desired shot. And before you even mention tripods, Starscope Monocular already thought it through. There’s a tripod already included in the purchase and a plug at the bottom allows you to attach this device to it for a more stable, picture-perfect quality. Imagine a professional camera that costs way less, fits in your pocket, produces high-quality images, and still has all the features your phone does, including the ability to share your picture as soon as it’s taken – that’s the power that Starscope Monocular has when combined with your smartphone.


While it’s true that Starscope Monocular works best when paired with your phone camera, it is also a really good monocular on its own. It’s compact and lightweight so you can take it with you on camping trips or mountain hiking. It can also withstand poor weather conditions and some light surface scratching without losing its quality, which is perfect for people who have an active lifestyle. You can take it on a Safari to have a better look at the animals in the distance, sports games or concerts to have a close-up, TV-quality look, or just let the kids have fun with it. It’s an excellent tool to teach children more about wildlife and survival skills, and it even has a premium AR coating fit for any true adventurer. So even if you’re not much of a fan of technology, or just wish to spend your weekend off-the-grid, Starscope Monocular will come in handy at all times.



  • Versatile: you can either use it for its direct purpose or attach it to your phone camera to take high-quality pictures everywhere you go. It works on any Smartphone no matter the brand and has its own tripod included.
  • Portable: relatively small and lightweight, Starscope Monocular can fit into any bigger pocket, or any travel bag or handbag. It also has its own carry pouch for greater convenience.
  • Adventure-ready: this monocular is rugged, so it can easily withstand all weather conditions, from heavy rain to fog.
  • Durable: don’t worry about an accidental scratch, Starscope Monocular was made to survive any conditions that you are in, even if it means a bit of rough handling. It is also waterproof and salt spray tested.
  • High-quality: with BAK4 prism and optical glass, this item is perfect for every amateur or even professional photographer, so you can definitely expect a clear, crisp view. And even light scratching nor salt water will ruin this lens.
  • Affordable: Starscope Monocular costs less than a high-quality camera lens, so it’s great for people who want to save money, but still enjoy the perks of professional photography.


  • Temporary deal: it is currently available 50% off, but not for long.
  • Limited stocks: Starscope Monocular is very popular, particularly in the warm season, so it tends to quickly run out of stock.


Absolutely! The great thing about it is that no matter what your hobbies are, or how active your lifestyle is, you can still find a use for this device. Whether you’re someone who sporadically travels abroad and likes to take pictures, someone who’s constantly active or busy exploring the wildlife, or someone who only travels for work but still loves an occasional concert/sports game then Starscope Monocular will come in handy. You can also rely on it being durable and display a high-quality close-up view, so for a relatively small price you’d be getting an item fit for any occasion, in any weather condition, that can be used by anyone. With so many potential uses fit for every household, there is no reason not to get it!


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Starscope Monocular is only available online and can be found on the official website. Buying directly from the official store ensures that you get the combination of the best price and quality.